Crash Internet Explorer just by visiting this page!

Crash IE

Crash Internet Explorer

Using Internet Explorer? There's a good chance you're not reading this. A single line of code embedded in this page crashes most versions of IE.

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There are several alternatives to Internet Explorer. They are more stable, more secure, and have loads of extensions, themes, and add-ons.

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Common Questions and Comments

What versions of IE can this website crash?

Most versions of IE 9 and lower.

What's the source code that causes it to crash?

<script>for(x in document.write){document.write(x);}</script>
This one does the trick for older versions: <input type crash>

Ha! My IE didn't crash.. What do you say to that?!

No matter how you look at it, IE is still a poor browser.

Prank Your Friends ;)
We encourage condemn tricking your friends into visiting this site, but since you insist: Internet Explorer Sucks

Stanley Shilov

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